Consumer Reports Judges Ratings Sites Like Yelp

Millions of consumers visit ratings sites like Yelp before they choose whether to patronize a business, but with a myriad of ratings sites, who's judging the judges?

Consumer Reports investigated the business models of five sites including Yelp and Angie's LIst.

The magazine said that advertisers on some sites could have a greater influence on user tools like search result rankings.

Consumer Reports also said a customer's take on a business can vary widely from one ratings site to another. One plumbing business in the San Francisco Bay area received an "F" on Angie's List, "A+" on the Better Business Bureau and 2.5 stars out of five on Yelp.

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"No opinion is monolithic," Consumer Reports' senior writer Jeff Blyskal told ABC News. "If you're just looking at one of those, you're going to get a different decision than when you look at all of them."

Blyskal's concern about reviews on Yelp is the small percentage of reviews that may be fraudulent.

"There's an incentive to game the system," Blyskal said.

Yelp says it has systems in place to protect consumers from fake reviews and to make sure the most useful information is displayed prominently.

Yelp also offers business owners a set of tools to provide accurate information, such as communicating with users privately or publicly, said Kristen Whisenand, a company spokeswoman. Another distinguishing feature of Yelp, she notes, is that it's a community review website, though users don't have to sign up for an account to read comments.

"We really rely on that community of users," she said. "We find the most helpful reviews are people who are continuing to return to the site."

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Darnell Holloway, Yelp's manager of local business outreach, said the company is "very transparent about the fact that we don't highlight all the reviews submitted to Yelp."

As of last quarter, there were 42 million reviews on the site. Yelp is displaying about 75 percent of those reviews, while the remainder of those reviews are picked up by a review filter, he said.

The site had 108 million average monthly visitors in the three months ending June 30.

Businesses that are caught, say, buying fake reviews, are flagged on the website and users are notified of that when visiting that Yelp page.

Those situations are few and far between," Whisenand said. "Our review filter is working day in and day out."

Blyskal expressed some concerns that advertisers on Angie's List are reportedly told they can get 12 times more profile views than companies that don't buy ads.Angie's List costs consumers $46 a year to use the service.

"When [companies] get two reviews and a B average or better, and there are no alerts about them, they can pay to advertise and must offer discount coupons that 'position your business to rotate on page 1 of search results'," Consumer Reports writes.

He is also concerned that the free online business listing sites ability of A- and B-rated companies to be displayed at the top of the default search results skews outcomes.

Angie Hicks, co-founder and chief marketing officer of Angie's List, said in a statement, "Angie's List is built on a foundation of fairness and transparency. Everything at Angie's List starts with the consumers."

She explained companies' A-F ratings are the average of the consumer reviews. Companies that with A-B ratings are eligible to advertise with Angie's List, but they must offer free online business directory a discount with that advertisement. If their grades fall below a B, we pull their advertising, she said.

"Over the years, our members have continuely told us that they want to see discounts from highly rated free listing sites service companies first, so that is the default sort order," she explained. "Members can change the default to various orders including, ratings, number of reviews, alphabetical, etc. We're very transparent with our members on how advertising is displayed. We describe the sort order logic in several places on our site in particular on our search results page and also include an explanation in our magazine to our members each month."

She also said the company sets itself apart with an outside audit of its data handling process every year.

"That audit includes an examination of whether companies that advertise are treated differently than those that do not," she said. "The audits have always found Angie's List reviews are a fair, impartial and trustworthy resource."

Accessories To Play Golf Indoors

Playing golf is one manner in which you can unwind your mind as well as getaway from your chaotic and active life. Seeing the environment-friendly background as well as lovely landscape will surely aid in comforting the stress that you really feel within. Yet occasionally, you truly do not have time to enter into faraway golf courses to take pleasure in the video game of golf. But for a serious golf fan like you, you do have some ways for you to be able to play the sport even at home. Indoor golf is such a wonderful suggestion for certain. Just what you should do is to buy the devices and tools should play the game well inside. There are some ideas that will assist you on what to choose for this activity.


Among one of the most essential that you have to consider is an interior putting environment-friendly. It will certainly change the substantial and large golf course loadeded with yard, trees and also sand traps. The advantage regarding this is, it is still colored green that could help relax your mind. However prior to you purchase an indoor putting environment-friendly, you need to make certain that the offered space at home or the workplace will certainly be gauged. Make sure that the one that you will get could fit in within.


A putter swimming pool is one tool that is not really a product for golf yet it is very much comparable with both pool as well as golf. This is quite fun to play with. So if you want o have an experience and enjoyable filled up residence, you could get a putter swimming pool as well as play it with your friends and family.


Even if you go to residence, you still need golf clubs to play the game with an interior putting eco-friendly. A brand-new collection of golf clubs will certainly help you exercise your swing while in the house. A new set might consist of irons, timbers as well as putter. The good idea here is that you can utilize these clubs inside your home in addition to outdoors. If you will be able to locate time, you could bring this embeddeded in a real golf course as well as have fun with actual golf gamers as well. One thing that you simply need to bear in mind is that the golf clubs must match your size. Therefore, you have to compare the clubs with your height as well as arm length.


Your swing is very crucial in striking the golf balls accurately. Thus, you need to exercise it with an interior swing groover. It will certainly aid you enhance the method you open the golf clubs. There are digital interior swing groover that you could acquire if you have additional money to spurge.

Not all the time will you be complimentary to go to genuine golf courses and play golf. Yet it does not imply that you could never ever experience the enjoyable and also enjoyment of golf daily since you could purchase interior golf tools as well as devices. To decide on the most effective, utilize the ideas pointed out. These will certainly direct you on what to select.

The Necessary Golf Tools as well as Devices

Golf is a sport that takes advantage of various tools and equipment. Golf equipment types consist of the golf balls , sticks made for striking the balls, various tools developed to improve the process of stroke having fun and a number of devices that aid boost the golf playing experience. In this article, we consider a few of the tools as well as tools that are typically made use of in playing golf.

golf balls are not simply any type of kind of rounds. These spheres must fulfill a variety of made needs for them to be used for playing golf. For example, a golf round should acquire at least a 42.67 mm in diameter and its mass should not go beyond 45.93 grams. Up-to-date golf balls have construction designed of two-layers, three-layers and even four-layers styles made from different synthetic products. The spheres surface areas are dimpled to boost their aerodynamics. The material used making the balls as well as the technique used in the construction influences the round's basic efficiencies and features. Soft covered spheres create greater spin capacities and also have greater possibilities in quiting. Balls made from much stiffer as well as more difficult materials have a longer range traveling potential. Golf balls are mainly classified as four-piece, three item and 2 piece depending on the building. The four piece balls are consistently the most expensive.

Tees are sorts of things that are pressed right into the ground utilized to relax a golf round before shorting it. Nevertheless, a tee is only permitted the initial shot. These items are mainly made from plastic or timber and also they typically resemble nails that have a little cup on the top. Tees constructed from timber are substantially inexpensive and also non reusable while plastic tees are costly and also last much longer compared to the timber ones. Tees sizes vary depending upon the kind of club to be utilized to fired the round and also a gamer's choices. Piles can be built to perform the functions of tees.

Golf clubs made use of in a solitary game can be as many as fourteen as well as the major sorts of clubs include putters, timbers and irons. The woods are utilized making long shots from a fairway, harsh or tee, irons are for precision shots from a rough or fairways as well as the putters are made use of making much shorter shots.

The other equipment is the golf bags. These are utilized for the transport of the golf tools and also equipment. The golf bags are primarily constructed from leather or nylon as well as they are made in round way to assist the devices. These bags have various pockets for lugging various devices as well as they have both shoulder as well as hand bands.

Various other golf equipment include golf carts that are utilized for player and tools transportation throughout a video game, towels that are utilized to tidy spheres and also clean hands, sphere pens, round mark repair tool utilized to repair a ball mark. Additionally, there is the club head covers used for club defense from unintended and also weather problems, sphere retrievers, stroke counters, range finders, positional guides to name a few.

A Distinct Design of Wedding celebration Photography

When you consider involving a wedding celebration digital photographer to photo at your wedding it is very important to consider that every photographer has a various ability. With the development of innovative electronic slr cams at economical costs there has been a surge of individuals that have purchased a medium array or perhaps a totally professional digital slr video camera as well as set up shop as a wedding professional photographer. Several of these professional photographers are really very proficient at just what they do, even to the point of having the ability to make it as an expert photographer. Nevertheless the vast bulk do not have the technical competence or understanding that will allow them to record the excellent wedding celebration picture over and over again. wedding event photography is in fact among the most challenging locations of digital photography considering that there is a lot that is out of control of the professional photographer. From bad illumination to crowded venues, from a weary bride to a shrieking youngster, stormy weather condition to visitors which refuse to have their picture taken there are actually numerous points that can create an issue for the ordinary amateur. Every person has to acquire experience but do you really desire them obtaining the encounter at your wedding celebration?

Every wedding is distinct as well as your wedding event is no exception. You could find a really inexpensive digital photographer that may well have a pricey electronic slr video camera yet unless the professional photographer in fact recognizes how to utilize and also manage the electronic camera then there can be a genuine trouble that will certainly impact the outcomes of your wedding celebration pictures. Most of these amateur photographers utilize the camera in either complete automated mode or programme mode. For taking photos when you are on holiday the his choices are wonderful for the amateur, letting the amateur digital photographer produce suitable images similar to utilizing other factor as well as shoot digital cam. A little anecdote at this point could assist to illustrate an extreme of this delighted amateur photography. I was taking photos of a newborn baby when the mom stated that her earliest little girl went to university researching digital photography. She asked if her daughter could take some photos two, of course I said yes, I have actually always try to fit the requests of my clients as long as it does not affect my job. I asked her child what cam she was utilizing for her photography course. Her reply was something of a shock, "I make use of an apple iphone" she remarked. I'm not too sure I had the ability to conceal my entertainment, but you can simply visualize the response I would certainly have got turning out to photograph this new baby if I then took out my cellular phone as well as began with taking photos. There is much more to digital photography could simply pushing a switch and also this is especially real when it involves events that can never ever be repeated such as wedding celebrations.

Every bride and groom has a suggestion, or must I say generally has an idea of what they get out of the photography that their wedding photographer will certainly offer them. Regrettably there are numerous couple's that have been so dissatisfied with the results of the photography they have actually gotten from a so called expert digital photographer that in fact was an amateur who set up his own or her very own site after purchasing an electronic slr video camera. Some new brides really want the professional photographer to record the entire day from having their makeup and hair done throughout till the initial dancing. For others they are just looking for the wedding ceremony to be photographed. Occasionally the bride-to-be or desires photos of the groom getting ready as opposed to herself; as I said previously I would certainly try to fit the desires of the client when it comes to the digital photography that they require. I have actually been understood to show up in order to picture the groom and also best man preparing for the wedding only to be turned away as a result of that they were still in bed as well as an asked to return in a number of hours when they have finally sorted themselves out.

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